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Sweets by the Bay

Meet the Artist

Nancy makes a difference with her artistic vision.

Nancy Mitchell has been designing cakes since her baby girl was born, 45 years ago! She has constantly challenged herself to create more and more amazing cakes. She constantly learns and applies new techniques to aid in her artistic vision and the imaginings of her clients.

"I love to make my brides feel like family. When you reserve a cake with Sweets By the Bay, you are reserving a part of my heart." Nancy

Living Life

Nancy grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a little girl, Nancy was always hungry. Her neighbors fed her cookies and the occasional piece of pie. This is why Nancy loves to feed people to this day! Nancy eventually moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where she opened her very successful bakery, Like No Other. She won best apple pie and became the strudel queen of the area! Her cakes were showcased and her talents sought after.

In 2011, Nancy closed her bakery to move to the warm climate of Clearwater, Florida. Since then, her cottage business, Sweets by the Bay has grown in to a very successful preferred vendor for brides and clients of all types. You can see Nancy's cakes on the Hilton hotel beach and in bridal magazines too!

Most recently, Nancy has been given a grant to paint a mural on Bayshore Blvd. in Safety Harbor. Odet Philippe was completed in November 2016. What a proud accomplishment for an artist celebrated by many!